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Baby Justin’s 2nd month Birthday! :)

February 15, 2008

Preparations, preparations! The wife will be cooking pasta to celebrate kiddo’s second month birthday. We’re so proud of him and he already weighs 13.2lbs! He’s two months old and continues to use his charm and cuteness to get his way! haha 🙂 The Simbol’s couldn’t be happier right now — well, we probably could be if the three of us were together! Here’s my digiscrap to celebreate baby J’s birthday. This was a work of love and it was difficult to get the creative juices flowing. It’s all for Justin!  

JD’s second month bday

 We love you our adorable li’l chap!!! 🙂 Happy 2nd month birthday from mom and pop!


Tips: How to Take Care of Your Baby

February 11, 2008

Nothing beats some old school advice. For the newbie parents like the Simbol’s, here are some helpful tips on how to take care of your baby. If you are planning to have one soon, here is your manual 🙂 I found this hilarious but make sure you strictly follow the DO’s only!!!


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Baby Justin’s Milestones (1st month)

February 7, 2008

KiddoThis post has been long overdue since kiddo is turning two months on Feb 15. He’s already at 5.5kg now and I guess he really likes drinking Nestle Nan1 HA! They said this milk is the cream of the crop and he is digging it! Absorb, absorb, absorb 🙂 It is evident now on his cheeks!

Babies grow up pretty fast and the Simbol’s need to keep track of his progress.  It’s hard enough that I’m here in Nam but I was able to see at least a month of babyJ when I was in Manila.  I got this baby milestone list from my sister and let’s see how the little king is doing so far:

  • Lifts head for short periods of time – Yah!
  • Moves head from side to side – A lot! The left side is his favorite sleeping position 🙂
  • Prefers the human face to other shapes  – hmm.. can’t tell yet during the first month but he is doing it now 🙂
  • Makes jerky, arm movements  – He does this a lot especially when he’s surprised by sudden noises or when we’re cleaning his poop!
  • Brings hands to face – mittens to the rescue!
  • Has strong reflex movements  – Definitely! He kicks away his blankets!
  • Can focus on items 8 to 12 inches away – Agree!
  • May turn towards familiar sounds or voices – He misses my voice by now 😦
  • Responds to loud sounds – Kiddo is focused when asleep.. no loud sounds can distract him! Hehe 🙂 but he does get surprised if there’s a sudden noise. He seems to like the baby Einstein lullabies.
  • Blinks at bright lights – he does this during his sun bathing time!

So far so good! Baby Justin is developing well and we just discover new things about him everyday *sigh* 🙂 ..quoting a line from a famous song.. “Every little thing he does is magic!”


Our special li’l chap

January 15, 2008

Justin Dominic Simbol

Ladies and Gents, I present thee.. Justin Dominic’s first digiscrap courtesy of our creative barkada, photographer, kumare.. Wanda! Since Anna and I don’t have the patience to start digiscrapping BUT we do have reliable friends.. *LOL* Thanks Wanda for taking the time to make this and we know you and Ninong Dex are soooo busy right now. The Simbols really appreciate it and antayin pa namin yun ibang pics.. dapat nakadilat naman 🙂 I like the message and napapaiyak na ako tuloy.. *sniffles*


Justin’s 1st month birthday!

January 15, 2008

Yey! 1 month and counting!

Yey! Justin Dominic is officially (well, not yet as of this writing until 2:03PM anyway) 1 month old! I can’t believe it’s been a month! I had a wonderful time taking care of kiddo back in Manila. The wife is thinking of preparing something for his birthday and I’m sure he’ll be a happy chap! 🙂 We can’t wait to celebrate his birthday every month and he grows up quite fast! I’m missing him so much already! Anna’s assignment now is to take a lot of pics of baby Justin and savor every moment of his “babyhood”. Once he grows up, we’ll be chasing him around I’m sure!

I remember singing this song to calm down baby Justin (aside from My Humps, Stolen and Enter Sandman.. *LOL* seriously, I did). This song “My Love” is dedicated to my wife and baby! Just the title ha kasi yun lyrics niya medyo kakaiba.. 🙂  I’ll teach JD to dance like JT someday! I’m really missing both of My Loves..



JD’s vaccination

January 12, 2008

Waaah! Needles!

I just got an update from the wife today that Justin was soooooo brave during his first vaccine. Well, he did cry a li’l bit but Anna said that baby J did pretty well considering this was his first vaccine shot. More to come and we’re so proud of you kiddo! *clap, clap* You need to get all the shots before traveling to Vietnam! 🙂

 P.S. Thanks to Kuya Sanny for taking them to the Pedia clinic! Salamat Big Brother!



December 28, 2007

I just can’t get over our baby Justin. Knowing the fact that I’ll be leaving him and Anna soon as I continue my work outside the country is killing me every single day. I want to see JD grow each day and all the moments that a first time dad should experience is shifting its priorities on all the things that I previously thought were important. Anyway, enough drama for now and I wanted to share with you some of Justin’s different faces and “emoticons” so to speak. Enjoy and I will place this on my sidebar soon so I’ll have a constant reminder of our baby JD.

What's up homey?
 Hip-Hop Justin. Whazzzup.. boyz in da hoood!
Cute ko noh?
Pa-cute JD. I’m so cute and adorable.. pahingi milk?
This always makes my day
Smiley baby J. Daddy, we both have small eyes.. 🙂  
Huhulaan ko future mo..
Manghuhula (Seer) Justin. I see your future… you will give me a bottle of milk in the next 2 hours then change my diaper in 3 hours!
Kelangan ko ng milk.. pronto!
Praying Justin. Give me milk and you shall be free.. for the next 3 hours!
Date the cheerleaders of the future!
Hiro Nakamura Justin. Teleport.. Teleport. Konti na lang.. I’ll be a teenager!