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Seasons of Hanoi

May 17, 2008

To celebrate the wife’s birthday in Vietnam, I’ve decided to take her and baby Justin to a great Nha Hang that I recently discovered care of a fellow pinoy expat (Thanks Mark!). This fine dining restaurant is called Seasons of Hanoi located at 95B Quan Thanh Street. It’s a great place with good service and the food is fanstastic. You get what you paid for that’s all I can say 🙂

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So Happy Together..

May 9, 2008

Wow, it’s been a month since i’ve updated this blog. I haven’t had time to do so for the past few weeks as I’ve been very busy with work and the family. I managed to squeeze this in as our little king woke us up and now he’s making all these baby noises and trying to sleep! The Simbols are sleep deprived and a full 8-hour sleep is now outside of our dictionary. It’s 5AM as of this writing and I keep telling Justin he’s in the wrong time zone.. *LOL*


Finally, after close to 4 months (seems like an eternity for me) Anna and Justin are finally here in Hanoi and it was a very tiring and late flight c/o Cebu Pacific.  That’s what you get for a budget airline! 😦 Flight was delayed for an hour and we took off around 11:45pm instead of the scheduled 10:50pm. Anna was carrying Baby Justin throughout the 3 hour flight and I think she’s developed bigger biceps than me now.. hehe.. how do moms do that??? I carry our 18 pounder bundle of joy for just 5 minutes and I’m pooped! Justin pretty much slept through the whole flight and when he woke up..tada! You are now one hour younger! Hehe 🙂

*Ho-Hum* Are we there yet?

It takes a while to get back my parenting skills and I can officially say that my 4 month old Justin now recognizes me again 🙂 ..i’m back to my old paternal duties – Sterilizing bottles, changing diapers (I delegate the poop stuff to the wife *LOL*), preparing milk and playing with our li’l kiddo until he cries from so much laughter.

Feeding Time!

After a grueling and tiring day at work, nothing beats going home and seeing the wife and our baby smile! What’s next for the Simbols… hmmm 🙂