What’s new in Hanoi (Part 2 of 2)

April 5, 2008

Aahh.. breathing mall air! 🙂 at least we now get a bit of it from the newly opened Parkson Mall here in Hanoi. This opened around two weeks ago and it’s becoming popular for the Hanoians as more branded stuff come in to the city. I guess the only time we’ll be visiting Vincom Mall is to watch movies but for now, Parkson is the place to be. Saigon is still the shopping capital of Vietnam as you have the Diamond Plaza, Parkson, Zen and many more. But I’ll take what we have in Hanoi right now and once the family is here, we can do our malling duties but it’s going to be real quick since it’s a small place.

Nothing beats the Malls in Manila though as Parkson doesn’t have dedicated shops for each brand and it’s more of like our Rustan’s in the Philippines. Considering the price of real estate here in Vietnam, don’t expect Henry Sy to put up an SM here.. 🙂

As usual, I was on window shopping mode only and they’ve got pretty good lines here such as Giordano, Lacoste and CK (soon to open), Geox, Ecco, Adidas, Nike, Roxy, Hush Puppies, etc. Not much for the kids though so we won’t be buying anything for kiddo here. Here are some more pictures inside and the foodcourt gives you quite a selection from Singapore, Thai, Japanese dishes and you get a good view of the busy streets too!



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