What’s new in Hanoi? (Part 1 of 2)

March 30, 2008

Pizzahut entranceAaah.. the sweet smell of a developing country is now more evident. Foreign investors keep coming in and the best way to take part of it is with the recent opening of PizzaHut in Hanoi.. Yey! One of my all-time faves back in my high school days with the Eat-All-You-Can craze! The wife and I actually had a couple of dates there sharing our bacon cheeseburger pizza and as always, I finish the pizza crust for her, we ordered our usual rootbeer and after that, it was back to conquering the mall! SM North Edsa pa lang ang uso dati eh.. hehe 🙂

PizzaHut has been around for quite some time especially in HCM. Thank goodness they’re not forgetting about our beloved Hanoi city. Kudos to the owners for.. a little plug-in.. “making it great”! I had to try it of course after being deprived of western food that I’m accustomed to eating back in the home country. The place had good ambience, clean and it’s actually the best PizzaHut I’ve seen for quite some time… well these are the things you would expect anyway for a newly opened resto.

Making it Great!

The resto is modernly designed and the waiters can speak some English too just to make sure they get your order right. They serve more than pizza just like in the Philippines and now have different kinds of pasta, appetizers, soups, a bit of seafood and more!

Now what did I order?

Calamari goodness!
Calamari for appetizers..
Chicken corn soup to wash away the oily calamari sins..
Yum, Pizza!
Personal Pan Supreme Meatlovers!
Total damage.. 143,000 VND! Damn! Hehe 🙂 This won’t be a regular weekend meal for sure 🙂



  1. hm… how come i didn’t see any pizza hut in HCM?

  2. They have Pizza Hut in Saigon at Diamond Plaza 🙂

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