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Things to do before leaving Manila..

December 30, 2007

I’m off to counting down the merry days of my stay here in the PH. I got to do the most important thing which is to be here for the wife and our first baby. It was all good and we got to spend our Christmas and upcoming New year together with Justin and these moments I’ll continue to reminisce as I continue my journey in NAM.

It’s not often I can come home so here’s some of the things I need to get done before heading back to the land of Uncle Ho:

1. Baby Justin’s binyag! I hope we can pull this off in a week’s time.
2. Make pagupit at Piandre salon in Makati.. (sosyal!)
3. Eat my fave flip foods namely: Ineng’s BBQ, Aristocrat and Dencio’s or Gerry’s — basta may sisig! So far, I’m finished with Razon’s halo-halo, Reyes BBQ and Teriyaki Boy! What a cholesterol-filled holiday!
4. See the dentist! Pasta Galore ito 🙂
5. Buy that darn wristball I saw at Toby’s
6. Get some Dried Mangoes for pasalubong
7. Visit POEA for the OEC stuff
8. Buy stuff for baby Justin

So much things to do.. so little time! Don’t we all feel that way sometimes 🙂



December 28, 2007

I just can’t get over our baby Justin. Knowing the fact that I’ll be leaving him and Anna soon as I continue my work outside the country is killing me every single day. I want to see JD grow each day and all the moments that a first time dad should experience is shifting its priorities on all the things that I previously thought were important. Anyway, enough drama for now and I wanted to share with you some of Justin’s different faces and “emoticons” so to speak. Enjoy and I will place this on my sidebar soon so I’ll have a constant reminder of our baby JD.

What's up homey?
 Hip-Hop Justin. Whazzzup.. boyz in da hoood!
Cute ko noh?
Pa-cute JD. I’m so cute and adorable.. pahingi milk?
This always makes my day
Smiley baby J. Daddy, we both have small eyes.. 🙂  
Huhulaan ko future mo..
Manghuhula (Seer) Justin. I see your future… you will give me a bottle of milk in the next 2 hours then change my diaper in 3 hours!
Kelangan ko ng milk.. pronto!
Praying Justin. Give me milk and you shall be free.. for the next 3 hours!
Date the cheerleaders of the future!
Hiro Nakamura Justin. Teleport.. Teleport. Konti na lang.. I’ll be a teenager!

That ball is mine

December 27, 2007

I was just strolling around Trinoma the other day and got the chance to pass by Toby’s sports shop. My usual routine was to take a look at the latest badminton rackets but lo and behold, I spotted this weird little gadget. It’s called the wrist roller ball or simply “wrist ball” and it continued to build up my curiousity. I asked for the salesperson to demonstrate this and voila.. it seems to have a life on it’s own! The ball’s motion is started with a string coiled around and pulling it fast. Then there it goes.. the more movements you make with your wrist, the higher revolution per minute (rpm) it generates. I suddently thought that this would make my badminton smashes more powerful or at least help me carry my heavy luggages during travel! It costs around Php 500 and maybe I’ll take this to Vietnam 🙂

 I’ve made some more research and found out that this was actually patented as “Powerball” in the U.S. Go ahead and youtube it and you’ll find a lot of videos including the person who made the highest rpm with this thingamajig! The local Powerball we have has been named to “wrist ball” and I need to get this gadget fast!



December 26, 2007
Crumpler rocks!

 I can finally go to sleep as Anna says. This was my Birthday/Christmas gift from the wifey and she knows I’m a laptop bag fanatic. She gave me the Crumpler King Single as a cool present and I’m lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it! I have to set aside my Samsonite for now and as the name implies.. it will be replaced by the King!

 I still haven’t given anything to the wife yet (bad hubby!) but I want to make sure that she receives what she really wants. I’ve had some *ahem* bad experiences before about giving gifts and it may have been a result of the holiday rush or.. it may be the result of the holiday rush! Hehe 🙂 The wife is taking some time to decide what she wants for Christmas 🙂

 Here are some of the gifts that I’ve given to the wife for the past decade.. here’s the top three gifts that I wish I could’ve done better:

Ranking at #3 is this unique diary I got from Powerbooks. The layouts are cool and it has a lot of contents inside from daily inspirational quotes to how-to’s that’s guaranteed to change your life in seconds! This diary is so stoked that you don’t want to even write inside it at all! haha 🙂 Until now, the wife hasn’t written anything on this and this is just one of those gifts I wish I could take back! It’s safely stored in a box.. *LOL*.  Tip to Ric: Never ever buy a gift that will only be usable for a year! Hehe 🙂
Coming in at #2, it’s the OSIM eye massager! It’s a multi-purpose eye strain reliever by stimulating the areas around your eyes resulting to increase in blood flow circulation. This functions as a Halloween costume too and you can easily come in as “The Fly” or as “Cyclops” of the X-men. This was bought at GNC and I actually had a hard time looking a picture on the net and luckily I found this earlier on our of boxes. Nuff said about this product and I think the wife only used this once when I asked her to try it out. I think that’s the last time she ever used this again. ha-ha! I believe it took her a few years before telling me that this gift was memorable.. in the opposite way 🙂
Tickle Me Furby
…and to wrap things up, the top Christmas gift I’ve given to Anna.. you will either hate him or love him.. it’s Furby!!! He talks, he blinks and he shakes! This toy can kick Tickle Me Elmo’s butt! It’s a mutated bird-gremlin of the 20th century! I remember giving this to the wife during our highschool days.. it was a hard earned allowance to buy this giant tamagotchi-esque toy Hehehe 🙂 When Anna opened the present I gave to her.. she immediately said.. “Anu ito???” I didn’t know if she was scared, suprised or both! That was the last time we heard about Furby again as he is now safely stowed in a plastic dust proof box.. poor Furby.. Feed me, Feed me! That was Furby’s last statement 🙂
Disclaimer: If you own any of the items mentioned above, your preference maybe different than the wife and I have no intention of taking your happy thoughts away 🙂

A Warm and Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2007

From the Simbols — We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Baby Justin is so happy and thankful for receiving the wonderful gifts from friends and families. We didn’t include the other gifts received earlier for JD since we are using those already.. I can’t display used diapers right? 🙂 that would ruin the whole Christmas spirit!

 This is a great time to always count your blessings no matter how small you think they are. It all adds up to something bigger and that’s how you will appreciate life more. Anna and I had a rough time in the earlier part of her pregnancy but it’s all worth it now. Justin made daddy Ric come home earlier and we got to spend it together 🙂 It’s JD’s first Christmas and we freaking love it! Kahit na pagod kami ni Anna sa pic.. smile pa din 😀


JD’s first week birthday!

December 23, 2007

It’s been a week since Justin Dominic was brought to this world. I feel like I’ve grown old a few years already looking out for him but it’s really a wonderful experience being a dad. Justin is the king of the house now.. all he does is eat, sleep and poop.. then he cries and we clean his poop! Yep, that’s basically his schedule and ours too! Before having a baby, I’ve heard stories about new parents having sleepless nights for the first few months and feeding their baby every 3 hours.. it is true indeed! Sometimes it’s even shorter than that and for our case, baby Justin is making up for the time he left early from his mother’s womb.. chugging milk every 2 to 3 hours and I’m sterilizing bottles like crazy! Thank goodness for the Avent IQ24 Sterilizer here which makes our lives a bit easier and do not have to worry about boiling water for prepping up baby’s gears 🙂  Here are some of the highlights for JD’s first week birthday 😀

  • Baby Justin seems to grow faster each day. His legs are touching the end of the crib when he stretches like crazy!
  • JD can pee in all directions.. North, East, South, West. Anna and I have first hand experience on this when changing his diaper. *LOL* Baby J always hits his targets.. US!
  • BURP! I just love hearing that loud homer-ish burp that our baby has after drinking milk! This is usually followed by baby hiccups! cutie 🙂
  • He has a career in the call center. JD is awake from 12 midnight until 3am! waaaaah!

Even the smallest and simplest things makes a parent proud of their baby. Aside from looking like me (which the wife strongly objects), Baby Justin and I found something to do in common after a very tiring day..

DND.. sleep in progress
Who’s sleeping like a baby now?

Mr. Clean

December 22, 2007

After going straight to the hospital from the airport last Saturday, grooming was the last thing on my mind (eyew!).. didn’t have time to shave yet!  I’ve been growing this moustache and beard (going for the Van Dyke look) as I’ve been watching too many soap operas.  I wanted to shave this only after Baby Justin was born so he doesn’t get irritated with daddy’s kisses. How do you like the new mature Ricster? Many people say I look older 🙂


Haggard and Wasted!

After meeting up with friends for the past few days and the wife not being able to stand my ticklish man-hair, I had to shave it off due to popular demand. Here’s the result and it’s a good way to start the new year:

Clean and Approved!

Maybe i’ll grow my man hair again next year 🙂 post a comment and tell me what you think!