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November 28, 2007

Relax ka lang dyan..

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  Yey! Anna and I decided to stick with Dominic as our baby’s second name. Ladies and gents, we will soon present to you.. the future President of the United States.. Justin Dominic Simbol! But i think Ricardo Simbol the 3rd sounds better for a President’s name eh?

 The wife is still busy back in Manila preparing all the things that Baby Justin needs. How I wish I could be with her right now and take her shopping! Mall rats at their best.. that’s us! 🙂 I’m sure baby J will be breathing a lot of “mall air” soon!


Almost Perfect

November 27, 2007

I finally got to wear my business suit more often here in Vietnam. Going to a sales presentation is no easy task I tell ya. You have to feel confident and look good doing it too!

I had everything going for me.. coat check! matching pantscheck! pin striped long-sleeved shirtcheck! shiny black shoescheck! shades to look like a gangstercheck! ….except for one thing and read on to find out..

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Bít Tết, anyone?

November 26, 2007

See? It’s easy to speak Vietnamese! Bit Tet means Beef Steak in English 🙂 I’m not certain if it’s only a coincidence but it that seems they found a quick Vietnamese translation for this dish. It’s one of the easiest food to order and with a simple pronounciation even a 5 year old kid can say, you can’t go wrong with this one.  

This is where we had our lunch today within the lively streets of Hoan Kiem district. The one we ordered is on the top of the menu which says Bo Bit Tet Trung Op La.. in translation, it means “Beef Steak with Egg Omelet”.  The dish is served with a French baguette and compliments it very well. The lady in the picture is the owner and she’s offering you coke with the main course, how can you resist?? If I asked for Coke Light, she’ll probably smash that bottle she’s holding to my head! I actually saw her downstairs and wanted to take her picture with me but my Vietnamese friend stopped me. The things you do once you start blogging.. you wouldn’t believe it! You can tell a story about the most simple things in life.


Baby Widget

November 25, 2007

Baby Widget

When I logged on this evening, I noticed that my baby widget has turned upside down. hihihi 🙂 This is more accurate now as the wife is complaining already of pain in the lower pelvic area and baby Justin is starting to tickle her ribs! 42 days left before our lives would be changed forever! I can’t wait to go home to Manila! Baby J, wait for daddy okay? don’t come out yet!


Chef Ricardo is in the house!

November 25, 2007

I finally found a new career! Cooking! 🙂 y’all know that chicken is my favorite food in the world! Fried, roasted, tinola, barbequed, inihaw, curried, fillet.. (I’m badly missing Hooter’s chicken wings now).

Found a good recipe from pinoycook and voila, here’s the result! I just added some variation with the ginger and the type of honey I used. You can be certain there aren’t any leftovers and don’t even ask about the amount of rice I loaded up with this exquisite dish 🙂 It’s a sweet and caramelized chicken with a hint of lemon to the taste!

P.S. It didn’t only looked nice, it tasted good too! This is dish number 3 on my cooking repertoire.


mười lăm – mười sáu

November 24, 2007

…or 15-16. That’s what i usually hear when playing badminton with the Vietnamese. Thanks to Joe from Badmintoncentral, he recommended this place and coincidentally, it’s near the condo (paying 7 to 10.000 VND for xe om ride). I was surprised to see somebody sent me a PM after more than 4 months of posting. I guess Joe is an avid badminton fan himself and wanted to share his experiences of playing Badminton here (he’s from Canada). After 4-5 months of searching, it’s finally over. I can finally get some regular exercise and have fun while at it. Drop! Clear! Smash!!!

I normally play on weekends and the badminton courts has a taraflex flooring (Thank goodness after seeing all the other courts with cement flooring only!). I won’t even mention the pseudo-courts outdoors.. hehe 🙂 Coming from Manila where it’s a must to have taraflex or the minimum standard is a wooden court for “athletes” like us! I’ve lowered my expectations a bit here in Vietnam and i’m freaking ecstatic on playing again!

On the day i came back from Saigon, I just went there and approached a player and it’s good that he got a good grasp of English. I joined their club and played immediately. Vietnamese people are definitely nice! In terms of badminton skills.. these guys are damn good! I would rank them as Level B-C players and i’m the only Level D player there.. not only that.. i’m the only foreigner!

I’m slowly crawling my way to their level but it will take a few more years!


A Haiku for SKYPE

November 24, 2007


 A marvelous app

Voice flows secure and real-time

And it is for free.

I couldn’t imagine surviving without talking to Anna after the tiring day ends. It’s not easy that she’s a thousand miles away and sometimes, we just have to reflect and thank Technology for where it is right now. SKYPE has got to be the most reliable VoIP application in the market. Now coming out with the skypephone, who needs a computer? Skypeout credits.. affordable than the regular int’l phone charges. Skype has definitely expanded its consumer market which can be seen on the inclusion of its application through new mobile phones like the Nokia N810. Kudos to the creators of SKYPE!